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Clinton is a WAR CRIMINAL: Who will indict him?

Today on ABC news there was a report about the United States and other NATO thugs bombing the Serbian people into submission. What I mean is that the thugs that are launching this evil aggression on Orthodox Serbia hope that the hardships would "break" Serbia. As far as Clinton is concerned, the Serbian people might get tired of hardships and turn Milosevic in to the Hague. Well, Clinton, you don't know the Serbian people. As an Orthodox convert and as someone, who has adopted the Ukrainian culture, I see shocking similarities between Clinton's policy with Serbia in 1999 and Stalin's policy with Ukraine and the induced famine of the 1930s. Like Clinton, Stalin could not control the Ukrainian people, so he decided to decimate half of the Ukrainian population. Clinton too is inducing a famine on the Serbian people in order to force them into submission. Clinton is doing this by bombing the water supply as well as electrical and other utilities. Enforcing sanctions and other embargos on Serbia, so that the Serbs cannot repair their infrastructure. Without water crops die. Without roads and airports, food cannot get to the people, so what food does survive will end up rotting in the fields because there's no infrastructure. These sound like war crimes to me. If any of you in the Hague read this site, answer my question. Why aren't thugs like Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, Tony Blair, Javiar Solana, James Rubin, and James Shea indicted for war crimes? As far as I am concerned, Bill Clinton is Joseph Stalin #2. No Serb, that I know likes Milosevic, but this kind of aggression will not subdue the Serbian people. The Serbian people are, like the Ukrainians and the Russians, Slavs. Slavs do not give up. Slavs fight to the end and will never succumb to the New World Order. I am no fan of Milosevic either, but the Serbian people are my Orthodox and my Slavic brothers. STOP THE BOMBING!!! BOMBS DON'T BRING PEACE!!!

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NATO is being investigated for war crimes by former Nurmburg Trial prosecutor. To find out more, click here

Well, U. S. and NATO Terrorists Are Victorious Again!

U. S. Terror has again destroyed a sovereign state to enforce its plutocratic ideals

Yes, yesterday, the brave Serbian army gave in to American terror. Serbia is the latest victim of Clinton's and Albright's war crimes. Now America is free to purge Kosovo of all Serbs, just as how America allowed Croatia to annex Serbian Krajina and ethnically cleanse the city of Vukovar of all ethnic Serbs. Now Kosovo will be under the rule of Islamic and "democratic" terrorists. What about the Serbs? Where are they going to go? America has bombed them out of their homes, destroyed their irrigation system, and enforced economic sanctions to prevent Serbia from fixing its infrastructure. This means that Clinton and James Rubin, like Stalin and Beria, have successfully induced famine on the Serbian people.

I would like to praise the local residents of the Greek port city Salonica for their humor and courage to sabotage the plans of NATO and American thugs. Derailing U. S. military trains and stealing the signs causing a British military convoy to be lost is very praiseworthy. You Greeks, keep up the good work! We Orthodox need to look out for one another. Be ware of the West, they're not through terrorizing the world yet. May God protect us all with his True Life-giving Cross from all the evil in this world.

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Clinton Is Joseph Stalin #2

Clinton's foreign policy shows it's true colors. Clinton is nothing more than a blood-thirsty cowardly dictator and a rapist. Women were crying rape in the White House, so Clinton decided to attack a sovereign Orthodox nation. These democratic values that Clinton enshrines is not democracy. It is in fact a plutocracy, that means money talks. The Serbs refused to comply. Now, by refusing aid to Serbia, crops and live stock will die in the fields and Serbian people will starve. I am Ukrainian and I feel that what Clinton is doing to my Serbian brothers is the same thing that Stalin did to our people in the 1930s. Clinton, I strongly suggest you and your administration watch Oles Yanchuk's film "Famine 33" and rethink this kind of cruelty to Orthodox people, or are you really such a low-life thug, that does not care about the Serbian people. As Orthodox Christians we should thwart this cowardly crime against the Serbian people by these bloodthirsty loosers in Washington and in the other NATO capitals. Clinton's appeal to the Serbian people just shows what kind of looser he is. Make no mistake, as Clinton frequently says, we take care of our brothers when it comes. I call on all Orthodox Christians to help the Serbian people in any way you can, be it in prayer, or for those who can afford care packages, please do so. I would like to welcome the comment of Nancy Warren from New York City. Her words are "We must do some work to help the Serbs who have been injured. A big fundraising drive to help the IOCC or the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava in New York City as they are raising money for injured Serbs." Very well said, however, there is more than that. Infrastructure needs to be repaired, aquaducts and power plants need to be repaired, and furthure more the Serbian people should be ready to fight the Americans more effectively, should those loosers in the Pentagon decide to have more carnage. We should show Clinton and any other Stalin or Hitler in the guise of democratic values that we are a resistant people. We will not be occupied by any foreign force. The Serbs did not do anything but try to keep order in a rogue Islamic province of their country. Who's next? Georgia also has a rogue Islamic province, Abkhazia. Many Georgians feel threatened by the Americans now. Georgians can draw paralells of Kosovo and Abkhazia.

Russia is already thwarting the evil occupation of Kosovo by NATO war makers. Our people are already in Pristina. Good luck Russia! Best wishes to all the boys in Russian uniforms.

If you are like me and are very angry at America and have a hot temper, I implore you to keep your cool. As Orthodox Christians, we must be calm and live are lives according to the Law of God as best as we can. America is already suffering for her godlessness. Culimbine Highschool is the most recent example of this. The media is plastered with the kind of poison to mislead the masses into such horrible acts. There is a direct corrilation with today's school violence, American patriotism and the war in Kosovo. On American Family Radio, I heard stories that the shooters in Littletown, CO wanted to go into the army to "kill for America." Unfortunately this aggression associated with American boys is also encouraged by patriotism and by American society. If we live our lives with the faith of God in our hearts, regardless of what the Evil One does to lead us astray, we will be strong. The Life-Giving Cross is our shield. Help the Serbian people, admonish the ignorant American so he too perhaps can find his way to Orthodoxy and salvation. Just remember, it's not easy to keep your emotions under control, especially for me, but with the power of God, it is possible.

Orthodox Christians Are United Against NATO and American Aggression On Orthodox Serbia

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The Meaning of NATO Peace Keepers

NATO and U.S. "peace keepers" are just a front that war criminals like Adolf Clinton, Eva Albright, Hermann Shelton and other bloodthirsty NATO thugs use to make a mallicious occupying force look benevolent. The truth is KLA are not being disarmed and rowdy U. S. Marines are provoking retreating Serb soldiers into fights. This is a peace keeping force? Who do you think I am? A product of American education and propoganda? You can't fool me. NATO is the true perpetrater of mass genocide. You must remember that in Bosnia it was Moslems that started the war, not Serbs. America also helped Croatia purge Serbian Krajina of Serbs and allowed Croatia to take Krajina from Serbia. We all know that the Croats are expert ethnic cleansers. They collaborated with Hitler in World War II. Yet it's not over yet. The Serbs will return to Kosovo as partisans. Yankee get out before it's too late!


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U. S. War Makers Provoke Serbian Soldiers into a Fight

As I was watching CNN last night, Serbs are not giving up Kosovo so easily. Yet the fire fights were not unprovoked. Rowdy marines decided to form a checkpoint and harass retreating Serbs by stoping them and stripping them. After a U. S. Marine fondled one Serbian soldier, the Serb was angry and was ready to fight. The Serb spat in the pig's face then threw a few punches, good thing that his fellow Serbs held him back. The Serb commander warned the Marines and the CNN reporter by saying these exact words, "Yankee...we'll be back...tomorrow". The commanding officer of the U.S. platoon stated to CNN that he fears for his life and the lives of his platoon. He told CNN "I hope I can get my men home in one piece." I don't think that's going to happen. This story just reinforces the reputation of the U. S. Marines among civilized people. Anyone with any culture knows very well how brazen, how shameless, and how rowdy Marines behave overseas. From witnessing the behavior of Americans in uniform overseas myself, I don't think highly of U. S. Marines. To me they are a bunch of sex-starved drunken rowdy thugs. Their behavior towards Serb soldiers just shows how the patriotic yankee soldier has to rub victory into the nose of the defeated.

The only true peace keepers in Kosovo are the Russians. They actually protect the Serbian people. Russia is already furious that Albright snubbed her. Who does this witch with out a broom think she is? She thinks she can dictate American terms to Russia. It's not going to happen. The Russians are good Orthodox people. They know an evil empire when they see one. It's quite clear to all Orthodox Christians that the real evil empire of today is the United States of America. Russia is planning to send more troops to Kosovo, some of them the elite Black Barrets. Go for it, Russia! NATO needs to be kept in check!